Identifying your requirements and understanding your target audience

Just like every single journey, it begins with the initial step. In website design that step is discovering what you require, who your target audience is, and how to satisfy them. From planning to strategy, the discovery stage sets the ground work with everything else. With this step well managed, and complete, everything else just drops into position.


Website Deployment


Setting the interface and user experience

As soon as the planning is completed, we can begin designing the website, putting on its skin and clothes, and, like anything, we want it to fit well, look great and be in fashion. The design is the interface that the visitor will interact with to engage with your business.

It isn’t just about appearance, it’s about functionality too. One thing that can often be over looked is the user experience – if that isn’t very good, your website visitors, who could all be prospective customers, will get frustrated and leave. Building an awesome looking website is our desire, however our objective is to design a functional, and successful website that will mean a positive return on investment for you and a enjoyable experience for your website visitors.


Now it’s time to roll up the sleeves and get down to work

The development phase is how the design gets transformed into something functional, engaging and interactive. It’s similar to Frankenstein’s monster, we have all the components now, we only need the doctor to put everything together and bring it to life! We bring out all the resources to complete the job!


Website Deployment


Now it’s time to fly into the mad World wide web!

With design and development dealt with, along with a thoroughly tested website ready… it’s time for it to launch! With your website now open for business, it works like a tireless member of staff selling your merchandise, or even telling your story, 24/7, 365 days a year. With options to monitor and analyze your traffic as well as other marketing initiatives such as Adwords, AJM Web Designs helps to ensure that even after launch your website is on course and providing you with the results you really want.